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quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

KISS - Live In Albuquerque, New México [1993]

Hey People, Estou atualizando a informação sobre o bootleg, após receber uma informação do usuário Pier, dizendo que este show, foi um show particular feito pela banda, para um casamento, ou noivado, algo do tipo, o que torna esse bootleg ainda mais especial! Provavelmente, quem abriu o show foi o noivo, e provavelmente por ter sido um casamento, que o show foi finalizado com Forever. Paul canta o show inteiro nos limites do Pulmão. Gene praticamente não cantou... Cantou apenas Domino e Cold Gin, o resto ficou tudo nas mãos de Paul... Eric Singer arrebentou. O Bruce já estava apenas na normalidade, exceto pelo magnifico solo em Love Gun. Abraços a todos!


Line Up:

Vocais/Guitarra Rítmica:
Paul Stanley
Vocais/Contrabaixo: Gene Simmons
Guitarra Solo: Bruce Kulick
Bateria: Eric Singer

Set List:

01 - Intro
02 - Rock Bottom
03 - Love Gun
04 - Domino
05 - I Was Made For Loving You
06 - Cold Gin
07 - Detroit Rock City
08 - Forever

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9 comentários:

  1. Prá variar, vou baixar sem demora (rsrsrs), assim que chegar em casa. Ainda mais com destaque para o Paul, não posso ficar sem ouvir. E muito !!!!!!

  2. Hey Phelipe! Thank you so much for this upload, I've been searching it for years!!
    This was actually a "private" show. It was played for a wedding (not sure if it was for friends or relatives) and the guy that speaks on the intro is probably the groom, not Paul.
    Again,thank you, you're awesome!

  3. Nuss
    Fechar o show com Forever deve ser um cú hein xP

  4. Hey Pier! This was one I did not have information about this file! I will update this information immediately! Thank you for enriching the blog with this information ....

  5. Baixei, e ouví o arquivo. Dá prá perceber que é mesmo um show privado. E fechar com Forever não foi um c***, foi bem legal. Se fosse no meu casamento (ou noivado, sei lá), eu gostaria muito.

  6. Dear Phelipe, glad to be helpful!
    I moved a lot of old dusty paper to find this article:
    - KISS played a secret concert on the 18th of September (a little after the Foundation Forum show) in Albuquerque, NM. They played for a friend's wedding and the great unusual thing is that they didn't play in stage (or normal) clothes, but in suits, because they were dressed up for the occasion. They played almost the same set as the Forum's one, plus LOVE GUN, DOMINO and a special version of FOREVER with the orchestra!!
    KISS wanted to keep it secret because it wasn't a career move... It was simply a very nice present for a friend and, in fact, only the wedding's guests could enjoy this amazing and exceptional concert!!! -

    Article taken from the News section of the February 1994 issue of STRIKE, the KISS ARMY INTERNATIONAL fanzine, created by Nicola Ciccarone.

    As you can imagine I keep EVERYTHING about KISS... I have tons of old magazines and fanzines! January 2011 will mark my 30th anniversary as a KISSFREAK... oh, God, I'm getting old....;-)

  7. Pier Wow! I wanted to be a KISSFREAK 30. Unfortunately I was born at the wrong time, and just savor stories of the lucky ones who breathed KISS, like you, and my father.
    forgive me for English, which is not professional

  8. :-D!! Did your father saw them in Brazil 1983?

    Don't be sorry for your English, it's quite good. Too bad I know so little Portuguese... but I'm studying Japanese and Norwegian (and trying to remember that I'm Italian, after all!) so I really can't do more, you see?

    And it's sooooo great to have young people like you keeping the KISS flame burning hot and bright! It's a HUGE flame, isn't it?

    All the best to you, your friends and your family.

  9. Pier mu friend, the flame of KISS is the size of the flame of life! After all, these guys were part of my life. No, my father has not seen the legendary show from 1983, but it was just that he became a fanatic. However, he went to concerts of 1994 in Sao Paulo, and 1999 in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.